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Ontario Travel Guide

Ontario is home to Canada's capital, Ottawa, which governs the country and world affairs, yet hosts its own diverse culture with deep Francophone (French) roots and over two hundred thousand aboriginals of Métis or Inuit origin. Ontario defines urban life with the country's largest city Toronto - a business, music, theatre, baseball, and fashion Mecca! However, not far from the cusp of the city lies the quaint town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, the stunning grand Niagara Falls of Canada, century old villages, vineyards, strings of rivers and lakes lined with colonial homes, farmlands, and sailing vessels. Ontario truly makes for an adult or family playground of experiences. The rural areas and communities boast famous fresh produce markets, arts & theatre groups, old world taverns and architecture, and even horse-drawn carriages. There is a certain romantic appeal to Ontario's rural communities that is simply explained in your first visit – delightful and charming. For any outdoor adventurer the parks provide superb wilderness escapes and for those who enjoy a civilized game of golf or the thrill of snow skiing the options are abundant during peak season. There is only one way to get your feet wet in any recreational activity in Ontario – jump in!