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Manitoba Travel Guide

Boarding on the western shores of the Hudson Bay, Manitoba happened to be positioned in the central line of longitude for the country where its distinct landscapes were created by the last receding ice age. Wide open fields, prairies filled with wild orchids, the abundant wildlife in the public parks, beckoning cycling routes, fishing hotspots and incredible winter carnivals create "Manitoba Magic". Place yourself in the centre of it all when visiting Winnipeg's rich multi-cultural city centre that is rumored to have more restaurants per capita than any other province of Canada and home to the famous Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Touring the Gateway to Western Canada visitors will find adventure among the northern glaciers and the home of the great white polar bears, central plains of camping and berry picking, deep trading roots of the Ojibwa, Cree, Dene, Sioux, Mandan, and Assiniboine aboriginals, eastern eco-tourism and the rugged landscapes of the Precambrian Shield, and Manitoba's outdoor heaven the Interlakes, the Inland Oceans. Sound intriguing? Original adventures planned on a well thought out vacation to Manitoba result in wondrous once-in-a-lifetime experiences!