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St. Charles Travel Guide

Situated in Northern Ontario, St. Charles offers residents and visitors access to a variety of lakes, such as Nepewassi Lake, the West Arm of Lake Nipissing, Barlow Lake and many more small lakes located on crown land. Recreational activities in the area include hunting, hiking in Mashkinonje Provincial Park or snowmobiling and ice fishing in winter.

The history of St. Charles began over a century ago with the arrival of the first settlers from Quebec and Eastern Ontario in 1890 via the C.P.R. railway. These settlers were attracted by promises of readily available large parcels of good farmland and also the dream of building a sound catholic community where they would be able to raise their families and in the hopes of attaining a prosperous life. Some of the first pioneers to settle in the 'Grand Brûlé' were Pierre Savary, Perpétus Lapensée, and Frank Dupuis to name but a few.

Today, agriculture has become a secondary activity for many of the farmers. The close proximity to Sudbury and clear highway driving makes it possible for residents to work in the city while still enjoying the benefits of life in the country. St. Charles is home to a population of 1,294 with many more spending the summer at one of the many trailer parks, lodges and cottages along the shores of Lake Nepewassi and of course, the ever popular West Arm of Lake Nipissing.

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