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Yukon Travel Guide

Nature tends to provide ongoing entertainment wherever you look, often requiring you to look very closely. However in the Yukon, an area "Larger than Life", this is a place where the natural setting and wilderness overwhelm and humble the human spirit. Visitors charge their personal battery supply with extraordinary snow capped mountain vistas, rich colourful valley fields, giant rivers, and open space which seems to tip right off the scale of reality. In cooperation with the distinct First Nations groups cultural exhibits, Gold Rush pan-handling tales, historic cities like Dawson Creek, and hiking grand traverses – such as the legendary passage, "Chilkoot Trail", a blending occurs of the rarest kind. The kind that requires experiencing vast territory, along with wandering small towns frozen in time – it means getting way out there, to get back to what was once simple. The Yukon's previous hardships, its industry, and rooted northern lifestyle create an authentic atmosphere at every major turn. Guests are enchanted with artistic theatre performances, museums, cultural events, dog sledding, Northern Lights, Yukon traditional cuisine, historic archives, and similarly themed gifts. Outdoor and indoor recreational venues have brought the Canada Games to these expansive wild lands and left thousands of visitors over the years with a strong impression of what Whitehorse and the surrounding communities have grown into; a fabulous host with "Larger than Life" experiences!