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Haines Junction Travel Guide

Haines Junction sits on the edge of the largest internationally protected wilderness area in the world - the Kluane and the adjacent National Parks of Canada and the United States. Situated in a broad, flat valley in southwestern Yukon, the backdrop to the town is the magnificent St. Alias mountains, which include Canada’s tallest peak, Mount Logan (5959 metres). Vast rivers of ice amongst these peaks form the largest non-polar ice caps in the world, with some flows up to 100 kilometres in length. In an area with coastal, artic and mountain climactic influences, there are healthy wildlife populations including large mammals like grizzly bear, Dall sheep, moose, caribou and wolves - as well as over one hundred bird species.

While aboriginal settlement goes back 5000 years, the first European settlement occurred in the late 1800’s. The first trails were abandoned in favour of riverboats on the Klondike and the White Pass railway. The town of Haines Junction was established with the building of the Alaska Highway during the Second World War, and an excellent roadway system now exists.

Visitors can find a wealth of information in the Visitor Reception Centre, can explore the history of the region and find displays of local artists in the St. Elias Convention Centre, or take an unforgettable helicopter ride over the St. Alias ice fields and Mount Logan. From glacier ?ights to rafting, from cycle touring to mountain climbing, from wildlife viewing, to dog sledding, from snowmobiling to northern lights viewing and blue grass music - a visit to Haines Junction is an unforgettable experience.

Haines Junction is centrally located on an excellent highway tour through the Haines- Alaska / Whitehorse-Yukon circuit, and is serviced by air as well.

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