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Beaver Creek Travel Guide

Beaver Creek is the most westerly settlement in Yukon, Canada, just a few kilometres from the Alaska border on the Alaska Highway. This small community is primarily a border post and a service centre for the Alaska Highway. Beaver Creek is also the home of the White River First Nation. Even though Beaver Creek is on the Alaska Highway, it is relatively isolated from other Yukon communities, lying almost 300 km northwest of Haines Junction and 457 km from the territorial capital, Whitehorse.

The area around Beaver Creek was traditionally home to the Upper Tanana people who camped there on their seasonal migrations. In the early 1900s, the settlement of Beaver Creek was established as a camp for the team surveying the Canada-Alaska border. Later, mining interest developed in the area and in the 1940s, the Alaska Highway was constructed. In the mid-1950s, a Canada Customs post was built and the community of Beaver Creek began to develop.

Today, the community\'s main employers are a Canada Customs post, the White River First Nation and a number of tourist lodges.

Like most of the Yukon, Beaver Creek has a subarctic climate. It experiences annual temperature average daily highs of 20 °C in July and average daily lows of -32 °C in January.

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