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Faro Travel Guide

Located in central southeastern Yukon, the town of Faro is a community of artists, outdoorsmen, and entrepreneurs with a solid infrastructure and affordable housing for permanent or seasonal residents. With a population of about 400 people, proverbially known as ‘Faroites’, it has been described as a welcoming community and an excellent place to raise a family. Blessed with mountains, rivers and crystal clear lakes, the area has exceptional natural beauty.

First explored in the mid to late 1800’s for trapping, mining and hunting, by 1965, over 100 men were worked the lead and zinc deposits and by 1981 the population was just under 2000. Due to fluctuating worldwide markets, the mine closed in 1997 and reclamation of the open-pit is underway.

Activities and special events include the annual Crane and Sheep viewing festival in May, and tourism is now a major factor in the area’s economy. The town is a very scenic four-hour drive from Whitehorse. Camping facilities exist along the route and in the town. Air service is also available.

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