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Arborg Travel Guide

The town of Arborg is located in Manitoba's Interlake Region, 100 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

The picturesque setting along the Icelandic River was first settled more than 100 years ago. Its first postal address was Ardal (Meaning "River Valley") but in 1910 when CPR reached the settlement, the name was changed to Arborg (Meaning "River Town").

Arborg has a rich cultural diversity and its own distinct character. The many different churches, the ethnic foods and the social activities are all evidence of the cultural complexity of the town.

Icelanders established homesteads to the east, west and north of the village and by 1908 the first Polish and Ukrainian settlers had arrived in the area. The coming of the railroad brought large numbers of Ukrainians who settled throughout the district along with groups from other European countries.

Arborg is also home to the world's largest curling rock, which measures 4.2 meters across and 2.1 meters tall.

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