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In the southern part of Quebec, Canada, lying along the Magog River, lies the town of Magog. It is located near the foot of Lake Memphremagog, 32 km north of the border with Vermont, USA.

The townsite, originally an Indian camp, was a stopping place on the trail from the Connecticut River to the St. Lawrence. It was first settled about 1776 by loyalist refugees from the United States of America.

Each year from July 15 to July 20th, an international marathon swimming competition begins in Magog on Lake Memphremagog with long distance swimmers from around the world. The race from Magog to Newport, Vermont, is 40 km long. Many cultural and sports activities for the whole family surround this event.

The narrow Lake Memphremagog is 39.98 km long. At its southernmost point is Newport Vt., a quaint, typical New England town, and at its opposite end is Magog, Canada, a bustling, French Canadian resort town. The lake is known for its attractive Scuba Diving conditions. The visibility is considered good and there are shallow areas to dive. The lake is teaming with several species of fish, including bass, trout and pike.

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Musée international d'art naïf de Magog, Magog
Musée international d'art naïf de Magog

The international museum of naive art of Magog, is a non profit organization and entirely dedicated to naive art.

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