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Borden is situated in the Prince County region of Prince Edward Island, Canada, on the shoreline of the Northumberland Strait. It was originally named Carleton Point in 1765 and renamed in 1916 after Sir Robert Laird Borden, then the Canadian prime minister. Borden is now known for being the island side of the Conferation Bridge.

Borden-Carleton is the principal “Gateway” to and from the mainland (New Brunswick), as it is at the foot of the Confederation Bridge. Consequently, Borden-Carleton is often the first community visitors to the Island encounter

The community was created as a result of the April 12, 1995 amalgamation of the town of Borden and the community of Carleton Siding. In the 1820s, when the first Scottish settlers came, the community of Borden and surrounding area was known as Carleton Point. The community’s role as “Gateway” to the mainland was established in 1914 with Prince Edward Island’s new year-round rail service, which brought about the construction of piers for a ferry to the mainland.

The construction and subsequent opening, in 1997, of the Confederation Bridge linking Prince Edward Island with the mainland, marks the beginning of a new era for Borden-Carleton.

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