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Resolute Travel Guide

The small northern community of Resolute is located on the southeast corner of Nunavut's Cornwallis Island in Canada, about 800 km from the North Pole.

It is a place of ancient glaciers, mountain ranges and unspoiled land. Established in 1947 as a weather station and military airfield, Resolute is now a small town made up of gravel roads, a police station and three hotels. With over 200 residents, Resolute is one of the northernmost towns in Canada, which make it a gateway to the North Pole and a base for scientific research teams and polar expeditions.

The adventurous traveler wanting to visit Resolute Bay will find opportunities for dog sledding, snowmobiling, and viewing the northern lights. Yet the most truly unique experience will be the midnight sun when the area experiences 24 hours of sunlight from the end of April to mid-August.

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