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Kugluktuk Travel Guide

Well above the Arctic Circle, Kugluktuk, formerly Coppermine, in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, is located at 67.82 north latitude. It is the most westerly community of Nunavut with a population of approximately 1362.

The town’s residents get all of their supplies in via air or by barges that come up the Mackenzie River, east through the Amundsen Gulf of the Arctic Ocean, through the Dolphin and Union Strait and into Coronation Gulf. Sealift is possible only after the breakup of the ice in August.

The “Copper Inuit” have been making full use of modern technology. The entire town is blanketed with a wireless Internet - like most towns in Nunavut. Travel in winter is via snowmobile, in summer via powerboat or four-wheeler.

If you are travelling with a dog, Kugluktuk is an easy place to make friends. And if you are enthusiastic about hunting and eating “country foods” such as dried caribou, seal meat, or dried Arctic Char - Kugluktuk is the place for you.

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