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Clyde River Travel Guide

Clyde River is a small community built on a small bay off of Clyde Inlet on the coast of northeastern Baffin Island in Canada.

Most of the 800 people who live here are Inuit. About half of the people here are under the age of 18 and our population is growing rapidly. Clyde River has a school, two stores, a new arena, a community hall, a church, health center, hotel and an airport with regular flights to Iqaluit and Pond Inlet.

Clyde River is close to the mountains. In winter, the community gets lots of blizzards and more snow than many arctic communities. In the summer, this area has 24 hour daylight and in winter the sun does not shine for about two months so we have a long winter night.

Tourist attractions include mountain climbing, hunting or nature photography. Plant life includes lichens, moss, berries of different kinds, tundra grass, mushrooms, arctic willow, arctic heather and sea weed in the ocean. Some of the animals, birds and fish in the region include: fox, wolf, lemming, ermine, seagull, falcon (several different types), snowy owl, arctic tern, arctic swan, ptarmigan, walrus, polar bear, caribou, rabbit, ducks, geese, halibut, arctic char, scalpins, shrimp, and clams. There are several different kinds of whales - beluga, killer, bow head, and narwhale.

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