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Nipper's Harbour Travel Guide

Nipper's Harbour is on the east cost of the Baie Verte Peninsula and part of the Notre Dame Bay waterway in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is approximately 300 km north of Deer Lake International Airport, and roughly 700 km northwest via the Trans Canada Highway of the provincial capital, St John's.

The group of seven small islands, called Nipper's Islands, are located about one mile offshore from the harbour entrance. Visitor attractions include the smallest, Gull Island, which is a nesting sight for local seagulls. The largest island, Seal Island, was once the site of a large lighthouse until 40 years ago.

The community of 190 people is located on a rocky inlet that combines Nipper's Harbour and Noble's Cove. The inshore fishery was the prominent industry in the region and supplied bountiful amounts of codfish, turbot and salmon. Local road access to Nipper’s Harbour provided a land route to other communities in the region. This advantage meant that other smaller communities in the region delivered fish to Nipper’s Harbour for export. These included the small outport Burton’s Pond, Bett’s Cove and Indian Burying Place. The cod was salted, dried, and packed is casks for export on foreign vessels to destinations as distant as Russia and Norway.

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