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Labrador City Travel Guide

Labrador City is the Iron Ore Capital of Canada - true to its slogan "Built on Industry - Thriving in Nature", its inhabitants are proud of their mining heritage. The town in western Labrador (part of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador) is located near the Quebec border.

It is referred to as the Town of Labrador City and neighboured by the smaller town of Wabush. Together, the "twin towns" are known as Labrador West. Wabush Airport is the only airport in western Labrador, and is served by three commercial airlines: Air Canada Jazz, Air Labrador, and Provincial Airlines.

Labrador City was founded in the 1960s to accommodate employees of the Iron Ore Company of Canada, and iron ore mining continues to be the primary industry in the town. The town motto of Labrador City is Kamistaitusset, a Naskapi word meaning "land of the hard-working people."

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