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Grates Cove Travel Guide

Grates Cove is the most northerly community on the Avalon Peninsula, located on the tip of the Bay de Verde Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Called "the Grates" by John Guy as early as 1612, the origin of the name is unknown.

The town is located at the very tip of the peninsula, where routes 80 and 70 connect twice, first at Old Perlican, and again 12 km further at Grates Cove.

According to legend, John Cabot first landed here and carved an inscription in a large rock high above water on a cliff face located in Grates Cove. However, in the 1960s people posing as historians removed the rock, and its whereabouts remain unknown. But each year, residents celebrate "Cabot Rock" festival.

Visitors might enjoy a trip to Bay de Verde, to the south from Grates Cove on Route 70 or stop at nearby Redhead Cove, which is named for the colour of the cliffs. Keep an eye out for whales that come near shore.

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