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Fortune Travel Guide

The town of Fortune is situated on the western side of the Burin Peninsula, near the mouth of Fortune Bay, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The name is believed to have originated from the Portuguese word "fortuna" meaning "harbour of good fortune."

Fortune boasts of one of the world's richest fossil sites. Dubbed by international geologists as the "Golden Spike," the shale cliffs of Fortune Head have PreCambrian-Cambrian trace fossils and have been designated as a world ecological reserve.

As the Newfoundland terminus for the St. Pierre et Miquelon Ferry Service, Fortune is a visitor destination during the peak summer season as many as twenty thousand tourists visit St. Pierre et Miquelon by way of Fortune - "the Gateway to the French Islands."

The town was incorporated in 1945 and has a population of approximately 2200. The fishery is the economy's mainstay. A modern fish processing facility operated by Fishery Products International employs about 400 people. It processes various species of fish including cod, flounder, haddock, and other groundfish when operational

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