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Beachside Travel Guide

Beachside, a community surrounded by hills on three sides with the fourth boundary open to the ocean, is a place of amazement in spring.

Beachside (Wild Bight) is located on the north side of Little Bay . The community is ranged on the west side of the cove at the Bight's bottom, where there is a broad, rocky beach. Visitors come here to gaze out over Backcove Hill and see huge masses of ice, in many spectacular shapes, floating across the bay. This area is lush, colorful and beautiful in summer when the flowers are in bloom and the sea is aquamarine, calm and serene. The fishery is definitely the mainstay of the Beachside economy. Since the cod moratorium, many residents have turned to logging and mining to make a living. Once known as Brookside, the town was settled in the 1800's, when the mine opened in Little Bay.

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