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Aspen Cove Travel Guide

The small fishing community of Aspen Cove is situated in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Located in the mouth of Hamilton Sound between Carmanville to the west and Musgrave Harbour to the east, the settlement is situated in the only protected area behind a small headland on the northwest side. Formerly called Aspey or Apsey Cove, it is believed that the town's name is derived from the aspen trees that were once abundant in the area.

With a population of only thirteen in 1857, Aspen Cove was all dependent on the salmon fishery. By the 1870s more families moved to Aspen Cove for the cod and lobster fisheries. In 1921 the population had reached 104 and the economy had changed from salmon, fur, and agriculture to cod, lobster, and lumbering.

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