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St. George Travel Guide

Nicknamed the "Granite Town", St. George is located on the Magaguadavic River between Passamaquoddy Bay and Lake Utopia in the Province of New Brunswick. St. George is 70 km west of Saint John.

Visitors can discover the blend of old and new as they explore this enchanting town, which was founded in 1794. Stroll quiet and unpretentious streets to the spot where the first settlers climbed ashore from the Magaguadavic River in 1783. Or catch a glimpse of the past in the granite post office, the Presbyterian Kirk (the oldest building in Canada and still in use as a Presbyterian church), and the Anglican cemetery. Several granite quarries operated in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, and visitors can sense the ghosts of the past in abandoned granite quarries.

The Magaguadavic River flows through the town and into a large gorge at St. George, with caves in the cliffs on either side. Visit the famous gorge from above and below the falls or marvel at the stubborn Atlantic Salmon maneuvering the fish ladder. Walk through the covered Bridge at Canal and then enjoy a day of sun and sand at Lake Utopia on the sandy shores. Photo opportunities abound on the lookout of the Magaguadavic basin on the banks of the upper river in St. George, where the river meets the sea.

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