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York Sunbury Museum


York Sunbury Museum

The domestic and military history of the city of Fredericton and surrounding area is told through displays throughout the building.

Home of the world famous legend, The Coleman Frog. The building is an historic artifact in itself and is a national historic site. The Officers’ Quarters building, with its stone arches, iron handrails and staircase (typical of the architecture of the Royal Engineers in the Colonial Period) faces the old Parade Square. The older part, toward the river, was built between 1839 and 1840, and has much thicker solid masonry walls than the Queen St. end, which was built around 1851. The earlier end has hand-hewn timbers, while those of the Queen St. end are sawn, suggesting that a sawmill was established in the Fredericton area sometime between 1839 and 1851.

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