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Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, has a long and interesting history.

For centuries, the fertile land and situation on the banks of the St. John’s River drew aboriginal peoples. White settlement began in the late 17th century, but it wasn’t until the exodus of Loyalist troops after the American Revolution that a larger population settled. The first winter for the new settlers was extremely harsh, and many died and are now buried in the Loyalist Cemetery. The city became an important military base, chosen for its proximity to the United States border but a safe distance from marine assault. Many well-preserved military buildings still dot the city. In the middle of the 19th century, it was decided by the British Crown that Fredericton would be an ideal capital for the province. It was also in this time that a beautiful Gothic cathedral, whose spire still dominates the city skyline, was built.
The 19th and 20th centuries were economically dominated by the lumber business, until this gave wave to government and education as the main employers.

Today Fredericton is the educational and administrative centre of New Brunswick.

It is home to two universities, including the oldest public university in North America. It has a thriving arts and cultural scene, including the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the York Sunbury Museum, and The Playhouse. The city has also been awarded for its visionary developments in Information Technology (IT).

The population of about 55,000 is 75% English speaking, and 23% bilingual English/French. It has many other cultural influences. These are reflected in a variety of cuisines in the city, including Caribbean, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, Mexican, Pakistani and Vietnamese.

The climate is continental, with moist warm summers, and cold and snowy winters. Winter sports are popular and culminate with Winter-fest New Brunswick, in February. The city is usually spared the harshest of the East Coast blizzards.

Geographically, the city is defined by the St. John River, which divides it north and south. The city has lovely parks, forests, and most famously, streets lined with elm trees, giving it the name "The City of Stately Elms."

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Theatre St. Thomas

Theatre St. Thomas has been entertaining audiences since the 1960s, most recently with performances of Berlin to Broadway, Big Love, The Caucasian Chalk Circle and many more.

More info about Theatre St. Thomas

(Education, Performing Arts, Theatres)
'School Days' Museum

Enjoy a visit to yesterday!

More info about 'School Days' Museum

Science East

New Brunswick's only science centre with over 100 hands- on exhibits that teach the basics of science in a fun & entertaining way.

More info about Science East

New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame presents a variety of permanent and special exhibits, which highlight the province's sports heroes and their greatest accomplishments.

More info about New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame

Beaverbrook Art Gallery

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery, a gift to the people of New Brunswick from Lord Beaverbrook (Sir Max Aitken), features works by Canadian and British artists and a unique sample of works from international artists.

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(Art Workshops, Galleries/ Exhibits/Shows, Public Art Gallery, Workshops/Classes)
City Hall Gallery

Showing a variety of local artworks with 5-6 shows per year. First floor, Fredericton City Hall.

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(Galleries/ Exhibits/Shows, Public Art Gallery)
Country Music Hall of Fame

The first annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place on July 2, 1983, recognizing pioneers of NB country music.

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The Playhouse

The City's premier performance venue.

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York Sunbury Museum

The domestic and military history of the city of Fredericton and surrounding area is told through displays throughout the building.

More info about York Sunbury Museum


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