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Dalhousie Travel Guide

The Canadian town of Dalhousie in the Province of New Brunswich, is the perfect holiday destination for sports enthusiasts. Water sports such as sailing and power boating are increasingly popular in the summer, as are skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing in the winter.

Tourist attractions include the popular Bon Ami festival in the summer, which serves as a homecoming for the community, where residents celebrate the town and its heritage. The Dalhousie Mountain offers stunning panoramic views of the entire region and the Gaspé coast is perfect for a hike or stroll. Dalhousie is home to the Inch Arran Park, one of New Brunswick's highest-rated campgrounds.

Dalhousie is the most northern point in New Brunswick, and thus in one of the three Maritime provinces. Here is the undeveloped and heavily forested geographic centre of the province. The town is situated in the Restigouche River valley at the mouth of the river where it discharges into Chaleur Bay. The valley lies in a hilly region, part of the Appalachian mountain range.

The Dalhousie town site is situated on a flat plateau several metres above sea level with some development to its south on a low ridge of approximately 60 metres elevation. The town is surrounded by salt and fresh water bodies, which are home to many species of wildlife, unique birds, and fish. The area is rich in natural resources.

The city of Campbellton lies 20 km upriver to the west and the city of Bathurst is approximately 80 km southeast along the shore of Chaleur Bay. Dalhousie faces Miguasha, Quebec on the Gaspé Peninsula to the north. South of Dalhousie are no major centres.

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