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Like much of the area, Bathurst was the site of 17th century Acadian settlement and later ceded control to the British. It received many immigrants from Scotland and England from the 18th to 20th centuries. Bathurst is situated on Bathurst Harbour, an estuary at the mouth of the Nepisiguit River at the southernmost part of Chaleur Bay. Its economy blossomed after the construction of a rail link to the rest of Canada in 1876.

The Bay of Chaleur is known for the legend of a burning phantom ship, visible in certain light and weather conditions. The stories and sightings have persisted for two centuries.

Of the population of about 12,000, more than 50% speak only French.

Bathurst is one of the smallest markets in the Canadian Hockey League.

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Nepisiguit Centennial Museum and Cultural Center, Bathurst
Nepisiguit Centennial Museum and Cultural Center

By collaborating with other cultural groups the building will house the Museum, an archival repository and a major Multicultural Centre.

The Bay Breeze Art Gallery, Bathurst
The Bay Breeze Art Gallery

Located in the heart of la Promenade Waterfront, we are the jewel of the newly created tourist destination.

(Galleries/ Exhibits/Shows, Public Art Gallery)
War Museum, Bathurst
War Museum

The Bathurst War Museum is a walk back into time.

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