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Gail Thomas Art-Commissions and Art Classes/Workshops

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(Acrylic painting, Art cards, Art Workshops, Artists & fine Art Artisans, Band, Drawing, Galleries/ Exhibits/Shows, Mural painting, Music, Pastel painting, Singer, Thanksgiving, Water colour painting, Workshops/Classes)
Dusty Trail 50 " x 40"
Watercolour on fabric. Portrait of Ed Peterson.
Imagination of Innocence 45"x 40"
Portraits painted on fabric
Paula and Howie 11" x 14"
Pencil drawing on paper
Born to Run 15" x 20"
Blue Iris 20" x 30"
Oil pastel on coloured paper
As well as portraits Gail works with flowers and landscapes.

How to Contact

Ph: 2505459364
Fax: 2505459364
Web: website
Email: send email

Opening Hours
To book an appointment-250 545-9364 or email