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This vibrant community located just 50 kilometers north of Edmonton on Highway 651 is fast becoming one of the 'communities on the move' in Alberta, Canada.

Visitors are welcomed to this bilingual town with a visual display of the town's strong cultural heritage. Many murals depicting the history of the area sit proudly about the town and have become a popular tourist attraction. Summer visitors to Legal may have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful aroma and taste of freshly baked bread coming from a working open oven (le four a' pain) built as a replica of that used by our ancestors.

The annual festival known as the "Fete au Village" is held the last weekend of July and is an example of the community spirit that exists in the town. This well attended event is an opportunity for new visitors to celebrate the French culture of Legals pioneers as well as an opportune time for a reunion of family and friends.

Legal was founded as a Francophone settlement and is now famous for its French-themed murals.

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Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta, Legal
Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta

There are over 28 murals proudly displayed around Legal.

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