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Théâtre Corona

Built in 1912, Le Théâtre Corona is now the center of a neighbourhood in full transformation.

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(Performing Arts, Theatres)
The start of an extraordinary adventure that began in the 90s, to reborn a theatre which as made the beautiful days of an old but vibrant Montreal. An inspiring place for the south-west resident of the city; where they can celebrate their history and their heritage. Finally, the stage of many shows ranging from films and plays to the most daring burlesque performances and music concerts.

How to Contact
Théâtre Corona
2490 Notre-Dame Street West
Montréal, H3J 1N5
Ph: 514 931-2088
Fax: 514 931-6724
Toll free: 1 866 563-7713
Web: website
Email: send email