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Koffler Centre of the Arts

Koffler Centre of the Arts: Offering an array of cultural and arts programming including critically acclaimed exhibitions of contemporary art, concerts, films, theatre, family festivals, and literary events, as well as dance, music, and visual art classes

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(Concert/Performance, Dance, Galleries/ Exhibits/Shows, Music, Performing Arts, Public Art Gallery)
Koffler Centre of the Arts is a Jewish cultural institution with a broad mandate to serve all, and present a wide range of artistic programs through a global lens in a specifically Canadian context.

The Koffler’s mission is to bring people together through arts and culture to create a more civil and global society. Our unique mix examines the arts across different disciplines and cultures in a way that strengthens identity while encouraging an appreciation of difference.

We like to engage with life. Culture is the way we do it. Culture is often looked at as an aside to our lives but to us, culture is the soul of who we are. It is the lens through which we examine what we value, what is right, what is beautiful.

We invite you to be moved, be challenged, befriend. To arrive early to chat and stay late to share.

Koffler Centre of the Arts is an agency of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.

How to Contact
Koffler Centre of the Arts
4588 Bathurst Street
Toronto, M2R 1W6
Ph: 416-638-1881
Web: website
Email: send email