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Tucked away on the Northern Shore of the Minas Basin, Parrsboro has been called "Nova Scotia’s best-kept secret". From the harbour, one can view the world’s highest tides. As the Geographic Traveler Magazine writes: "The world's highest tides are in the Bay of Fundy, and the area around Parrsboro has to be the prettiest place to watch them sweep in and out". The author of the article, Barbara Peck, says "This sweet northwestern corner, around the coastal town of Parrsboro, is more than picturesque; it's full of unusual things to see and do."

Situated approximately 50 kilometres from the Trans-Canada highway linking Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Parrsboro is less than two hours drive to the airports of Moncton and Halifax.

As one of the oldest settled areas of Canada, Parrsboro's past encompasses the early Minas Basin explorations of Champlain, longstanding ties with New England and the American Revolution. Shipbuilding and commerce along the Parrsboro shore add to the captivating past of our area.

Parrsboro is home to the Ship’s Company Theatre and the Fundy Geological Museum, a gateway to Nova Scotia’s rich geological past. Summer attractions include shows and fairs such as Our Old Home Week and Nova Scotia's Gem and Mineral Show.


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The Parrsboro Rock & Mineral Shop & Museum

"Home of the world's smallest dinosaur Prints"

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Fundy Geological Museum

Visit Fundy Geological Museum to meet some of the amazing creatures that inhabited this area millions of years ago.

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Ship's Company Theatre

Ship’s Company Theatre is situated in the historic town of Parrsboro on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy shore, a serenely picturesque place that was once a flourishing port during the Golden Age of Sail.

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Ottawa House By The Sea Museum

The Ottawa House By The Sea is now a community museum operated by the Parrsborough Shore Historical Society and exhibits over five hundred and eighty artifacts.

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