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Wild Blueberry & Maple Centre & Visitor Information Centre

As you proceed into the exhibits area, you will be introduced to the Wild Blueberry & Maple industries and learn of their relevance and importance to the Nova Scotia economy.

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You will feel like you are in an open blueberry field in the summertime as you see a little of the Wild Blueberry industry's harvesting and exporting history. More exhibits and displays explain the biology of wild blueberries, how producers prune, pollinate and take care of the berries, and finally how they are harvested. A glass encased live bee colony demonstrates how the busy workers pollinate the fields. As well as information on important nutritional and medicinal properties of wild blueberries that researchers are beginning to explore.

The seasons change as you enter into the maple exhibits. You will find exhibits on the traditional sugar camp, and history of sugaring time in Cumberland County. You will learn of different species of maple trees, and see in depth descriptions of the running of the sap, including a model of a tree trunk cut out so that the flow can be demonstrated. You will learn how maple trees are tapped and how the sap is collected and processed into maple syrup, maple butter and maple cream.

Throughout the entire self-guided tour, you will see both Wild Blueberry and Maple industry tools and implements lent to us by local producers. Some are now obsolete, while others have only been lent to us for the "off" season.

After your tour get interactive as you take a more in-depth look at the Wild Blueberry and Maple industries at our multi-media displays; sit, relax and try a taste of some wild blueberry and maple food and beverages in our self-serve food corner; browse through our retail area and take home some wild blueberry and maple merchandise and mementos or take a stroll on the grounds, beautifully landscaped with wild blueberries and maple trees, and overlooking Black River.

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