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Oxford is a small Canadian town located in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia about 32 km east of Amherst. It is at the confluence of the Black River, River Philip and Little River.

Oxford is the Canadian wild blueberry capital and houses several blueberry attractions, such as The Wild Blueberry and Maple Center, a blueberry museum, and a giant blueberry sculpture. The part of Cumberland County south of Oxford hosts numerous lowbush blueberry fields. Oxford Frozen Foods is the largest employer in the town. Oxford is also well know for its natural recreational activites such as fishing, canoeing, and swimming.


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 Wild Blueberry & Maple Centre & Visitor Information Centre

As you proceed into the exhibits area, you will be introduced to the Wild Blueberry & Maple industries and learn of their relevance and importance to the Nova Scotia economy.

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There is a total of 163 seats in the main hall, some of which are formed plywood, some padded, and others made from slats. Because of its small size, the theatre has a cozy feeling and excellent acoustics.

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