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Gander’s position at the extreme northeast tip of North America made it a natural site for the development of aviation in the 20th century. It was used to great strategic and logistical effect during the Second World War, and until recent times, most transatlantic flights stopped in Gander to refuel, giving the town the appellation, "Cross-roads of the world".

Today, the city’s deep roots in aviation carry on with the Festival of Flight held annually in August and a display of antique aircraft, including fighters and bomber planes at the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. The role Newfoundland and Labrador played in establishing transatlantic flights can be studied at the Gander International Airport exhibit. Gander still has a place in aerospace, and was honoured by Lufthansa when the company named one of its jets Gander/Halifax in recognition of the hospitality Gander residents extended to travelers grounded after the attacks of 9/11.

The town has many walking trails and parklands including those at Little Harbour Day Park. At Cobb's Pond Rotary Park, there are wetlands, wildlife viewing and a 130 m long floating bridge. There is an art gallery, theatre and swimming pool at the Gander Arts & Culture Centre. The Airport Nordic Ski Club has 16 km of track set trails, and the former ski hill is nearby. The Gander River is known for its salmon fishing.

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North Atlantic Aviation Museum

Learn all about Gander's strategic role in the world of aviation and its important role in World War II and beyond!

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Gander Arts & Culture Centre

The Arts & Culture Centre can be utilized as a single facility or combined with the Gander Community Centre for large multi-functional trade shows or conventions.

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