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Southern Shore Folk Arts Council

In 1999, the presentation of a Summer Theatre Program was initiated along with Special Events. A full schedule of musical and theatrical events is available.

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The Southern Shore Folk Arts Council (SSFAC) is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and promoting the unique culture and heritage of the Irish Loop Region. Incorporated in 1995, the origin of the council is closely tied with the completion of the Colony of Avalon Master Plan. The SSFAC office is located upstairs in the Arts Centre and is operated year round.

SSFAC successes include the revitalization of the Southern Shore Folk Festival, which has come to be known today as the annual Shamrock Festival.

Further accomplishments include the restoration of a section of the historic Kavanagh Premises, which now houses a new theatre for the region. Ongoing efforts will focus on the eventual development of a Regional Arts Centre.

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Southern Shore Folk Arts Council

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