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Ferryland’s colourful history includes being known as one of the most popular fishing harbours in Newfoundland by Sir Francis Bacon, and, in 1883, the site where
the lighthouse keeper single handedly saved the entire crew of the shipwrecked Octavia. Today, the small population resides in an archeological treasure land. Over a million artifacts -including cannonballs, arrow points, padlocks, gold rings, keys, clay pipes, and coins from the 16th and 17th centuries- have been recovered from amongst the stone ruins. The Colony of Avalon Archaeological Site, active in the summer months, includes a replica 17th century kitchen garden, as well as an herb garden and a Gentleman's garden.

The town welcomes you with boat tours, guest houses, gift shops and restaurants. Attractions include an interesting café built into a defunct fish processing plant; and a Gothic Revival style church, built in 1865, one of only five remaining stone churches in the province. Outdoor adventures include seasonal whale watching, a seabird sanctuary, and viewing of the Avalon caribou herd. Hiking the Sounding Hills Path and Capelin Bay Path will reward you with views of offshore islands and marine life. The trails move through meadows, cobble beaches, and old railways. The Ferryland Lighthouse, built in 1871, is an excellent choice for a picnic with a view.

Summer dinner theatre will entertain with a mix of comedy and tragedy. In July the Southern Shore Shamrock Festival serves up the finest in traditional Newfoundland/Irish music, song, and dance, performed by local and established musicians.

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Colony of Avalon

Have you ever walked on a 17th-century street, seen a 17th-century herb garden, or looked at the remains of everyday life in one of the earliest European colonies in North America? If you haven't, come to the Colony of Avalon at Ferryland, Newfoundland.

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Southern Shore Folk Arts Council

In 1999, the presentation of a Summer Theatre Program was initiated along with Special Events. A full schedule of musical and theatrical events is available.

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