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Motyer-Fancy Theatre

Located in the University Centre at Mount Allison University, Windsor Theatre offers student theatre productions throughout the Fall and Winter terms.

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(Drama, Education, Musical/Musical Theatre, Performing Arts, Theatres)
The Windsor Theatre is a flexible black-box studio production space that serves as the primary laboratory facility for the Drama Studies Programme at Mount Allison University. As such, it is the centre of informed, guided, process-driven theatre production on the campus. The facility is dedicated to learning and teaching about all aspects of drama and theatre through an approach that features creative problem solving in a structured, safe, and well-equipped environment.

A professional staff of two provides direct support for all Drama Studies productions and events in the theatre. This includes facilitating student learning through provision of professional expertise in design, management, and technical areas, and through hands-on guidance of student designers, managers, and technicians. Each year, a number of students are appointed as Student Technicians, in which capacity (and for a small stipend) they learn by serving as apprentices and assistants to the Production Manager and the Resident Designer and as resource-persons for other student-learners in the theatre.

Participation in Drama Studies productions and events in the Windsor Theatre is open to all members of the Mount Allison community, whether or not they are studying Drama formally, providing a unique opportunity for development of theatre skills in an environment energized and informed by the work of students Majoring or Minoring in Drama Studies.

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