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Not far from Turtle Mountain and Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Boissevain is a Canadian town in Manitoba near the North Dakota border. The town displays a number of wall murals as a tourist attraction and is notable for its proximity to the International Peace Garden, a short drive south on Highway 10.

The small town of about 1,500 people is located between Killarney and Deloraine on the east and west with Brandon in the north. The population of the surrounding area, within a 50 kilometre radius of the town, is about 15,000.

Boissevain formerly hosted the "International Turtle Derby" each summer. "Tommy the Turtle" is a 28-foot-tall, 10,000-lb statue that serves as an icon for both the Turtle Derby and the town as a whole.


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Beckoning Hills Museum

The Beckoning Hills Museum gives an unique look at local life.

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Outdoor Art Gallery

This is amply demonstrated by the town’s outdoor art gallery, a Manitoba Star Attraction.

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(Tourist Attractions)
Moncur Gallery - Peoples of the Plains Inc.

A variety of other displays, fascinating original paintings, models of archaeological work, a map of the area during the time of transition from Aboriginal to European dominance and wonderful experience of discovery for people of all ages.

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International Peace Garden

The International Peace Gardens is a great place to visit. Located on the Canada / US border, the Peace Gardens are a symbol of peace between the two countries.

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(Tourist Attractions)
Irvin Goodon International Wildlife Museum

Explore the Irvin Goodon International Wildlife Museum and discover the wonders of nature through interactive exhibits and engaging guided tours.

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