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Kristi Bridgeman

Kristi's work can be found both in children's books and local galleries. Her acrylics, mandalas and children's illustration have a trademark antique sepia look. Works can be found at local arts events and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

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Children's Illustrator and Fine Artist Kristi Bridgeman prefers warm sepia tones in many mediums and subjects, including acrylic landscapes, illustrations and mandalas. Her work is recognized by whimsical characters and a west coast flavor and can be found in local galleries, children's books, and visits to her home studio.

Image detail from "There once was a Camel"
Written by P Page
Illustrated by
Kristi Bridgeman
Another recently release book "The Socky Fairy" is the second book in the series which includes, "The Knot Fairy" both written by Bobbie Hinman and illustrated by Kristi.
Available at local bookstores on request or at
"October Temple, Mount Douglas Park"
Acrylic from the Temple series,
by Kristi Bridgeman
It easy to be inspired when my studio window overlooks the coastal rainforest.
"Tree of Life" Mandala
Kristi Bridgeman.
Another from my mandala series. Some of the pieces are so intricate and embellished that they take upwards of 30 hours of working and reworking. Although my neck and hand get sore, and I need glasses now, the task is not as hard as it sounds. Like crochet or puzzles, the very nature of 'mandala making' is healthy and relaxing.
'...and the fairies were decorating for a party...'
Kristi Bridgeman

This was one of the original fairy pieces, where I experimented with sepia ink. I experimented many mediums to find one that would be most reminiscent of Arthur Rackham and the master illustratorsc of times past. The very idea of fairies required an antique etherial look... the rest is history.

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Kristi Bridgeman

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