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Sooke Harbour House, Frederique & Sinclair Philip

We would like to introduce you to Sooke Harbour House, one of western Canada's premier resorts.

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Only 45 minutes from Victoria on Vancouver Island, the Sooke Harbour House hotel is a world class inn and restaurant, ideal for romantic getaways and incentive vacations.
Owners: Frédérique and Sinclair Philip
Romantic Little White Inn By The Sea.......
Every room, here at Sooke Harbour House, is personally designed and decorated by Frederique Philip. Featuring original artwork, handcrafted furniture and antiques: unique blend of classic and modern, rustic and elegant reflecting the beauty and uniqueness of our area, inspired by the things we take time to enjoy, make this Inn the most unique and original place to visit."
The gardens of Sooke Harbour House are, modestly put, an edible paradise. We grow naturally, organically and seasonally. The plants we have in the garden all have an edible part. It may be a leaf, a flower, a root, a tuber, a stem, the fruit or the bulb.
The garden is very attractive in all seasons, but more colourful in the Summer.

How to Contact
Sooke Harbour House, Frederique & Sinclair Philip
1528 Whiffen Spit Road
Sooke, V9Z 0T4
Ph: (250) 642-3421
Fax: (250) 642-6988
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