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Grizzly Bear Lodge and Safari, Angus Reid

Grizzly Bear Tours, Lodge and Safari offers grizzly tours and grizzly bear watching from viewing stands and wildlife tours for grizzly bears, killer whales (orca) humpback whales, dolphins, stellar seals, sea lions, black bears and eagles.

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About Grizzly Bear Tours & Orca Safari

Grizzly Bear Lodge offers grizzly bear tours in Knight Inlet, where we are one of the few premier Grizzly Bear Tours and Safari Lodges in North America. One can expect to get very close and almost personal with Grizzly bears, Sea Lions, Seals, Humpback Whales, Orcas, Eagles and Black Bears, all from safe viewing situations. The lodge is located on British Columbia's mainland coast, northeast of Campbell River BC and is part of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Seven features make Grizzly Bear Lodge, is a Premier Grizzly Bear Tour And Safari Company
unique and worthy of your consideration.

1.Grizzly Bear Lodge Tours and Safari is one of only two grizzly bear tour operators licensed to view grizzly bears upriver from Knight Inlet. This provides our guests with a rare opportunity to watch the grizzly bears up close feeding on salmon. Photographers and camera buffs can get close up to view bears fishing and interacting. Viewing stands available late August to mid October.
2. Grizzly Bear Lodge is located in the middle of BC's Rainforest Coast on Knight Inlet, Canada's longest fjord. The scenery is spectacular and so is the grizzly bear viewing.
3.Grizzly Bear Lodge is small and intimate, assuring personal service and attention to your needs and expectations. We only accommodate 8 to 10 guests at a time.
4.Grizzly Bear Lodge is very remote so access is by seaplane only.
5.The remote environment, climate, the spawning rivers that flow into Knight Inlet and the natural protection provided by the mountains, forest and the Knight Inlet Fjord, cause the area to attract and concentrate the most diverse and abundant wildlife available in North America.
6.After a day of exciting and rewarding grizzly bear tours, we serve gourmet dinners to our guests. Visit Grizzly Bear Safari for grizzly tours and whale watching details.
7.This great bear adventure is offered at a reasonable price. Please compare.

BC's Premier Grizzly Bear Tour and Grizzly Bear Watching
on Knight Inlet British Columbia
We offer you a small comfortable lodge or cottage with friendly people to look after you. Choose your trip from late May through mid October.

Minstrel Island, where our lodge is located, is a small island on the edge of Knight Inlet. Not only does it have a colourful history but it is located perfectly for wildlife viewing - in the middle between the Grizzly river, our wild river and Johnstone Straits where the whales reside
Our wildlife is world famous - Grizzly and Black Bear, Killer Whale (Orcas), Bald Eagles, Seals, Timber Wolves, and Minkey Whale all make Knight Inlet their home. A&E, National Geographic, and IMAX have featured our wildlife in their productions

Raincoast Wildlife Safari offers fully guided tours through out British Columbia's scenic Knight Inlet. See Black & Grizzly bears, pods of Orca (Killer Whale), Minke Whale, Porpoise, Bald Eagles, Sea Lions, Seals, Blue Heron and so much more!!

'Last year, on our bear trips, we viewed Grizzly Bear - 99%. We also viewed Black Bear - 95%, Whales - 96% and Bald Eagles - 100%.
Gourmet level - lots of Dungeness crab, fresh local prawns, salmon, as well as vegetable and meat dishes.

If you need a special diet please let us know prior to your visit.

You will enjoy gourmet level meals and wonderful picnic lunches.
2012 Wildlife Report
2012 was an excellent year for both wildlife and weather. We are happy to report that we had 100% viewing success for Grizzly Bears this year. In the spring the bears were actively feeding on the sedge grass in the estuary. With the arrival of a strong run of Pink Salmon the bears began fattening up for their winter hibernation. Black Bears were also abundant feeding on the beaches at low tide.
The resident orca showed up in early July and we had success viewing them right into early October. The Humpbacks this year were exceptional with all of our guests finding some and many of our guests were treated to some exceptional shows. Every year there seems to be more Humpbacks in our area, which is a trend we hope continues. The Pacific White Side Dolphins were also around sometimes in large numbers, putting on some impressive acrobatic shows. Sunshine and calm seas were the norm for most of the season which makes viewing that much better. We expect another strong run on Pink Salmon in Knight Inlet next year which should make for another great year of bear viewing and whale watching. We look forward to seeing you in 2013.

How to Contact
Grizzly Bear Lodge and Safari, Angus Reid
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Opening Hours
Operating hours Late June-Mid October
7 days a week