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Art On The Move, Richard Hoedl

Painting & Jewellery by Richard Hoedl & Krista Whaley

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Art On The Move

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Richard Hoedl Fine Art Originals & Prints

Whether you prefer Classical Elegance or Vibrant Contemporary paintings, your home will be enhanced by a Richard Hoedl original work of art.

If you are spending the time, effort, and money to acquire original art, you don't want something Blah, Ho-hum or Drab. You want to make a statement. You want to have a piece of art that enriches the mood of your home and uplifts your spirits.

The, often excited, new owners of a Hoedl original landscape have said that these paintings are: vibrant, alive with motion, drama and light. They capture emotions and comment on the human condition. They energize people and have even been referred to as "happy art".

You too can make your world feel brighter by hanging your new Hoedl Landscape on your wall.

by Richard Hoedl
Oil on Canvas
48" x 10"
“We just got the painting today! It is AMAZINGLY beautiful. We had to put it up right away. Even though it's raining today, it's made our home so bright! Your art is impeccable! We'll be back for more!!!”
Vincent Tran
Napean, ON, Canada

The Last Haven
by Richard Hoedl
Oil on Canvas
48" x 48"


How to Contact
Art On The Move, Richard Hoedl
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Nanaimo, V9R 4B1
Ph: (250) 753-0233
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