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Musée Edison du Phonographe

Dedicated to the phonograph invention by Thomas Alva Edison on the 6th of December 1877, the museum exhibits more than 250 cylinder phonographs, all in working order.

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It has three tinfoil phonographs dating back to the post-invention period (1878-1880). It boasts prestigious machines such as a three cylinder juke-box with 6, 12, and 24 recordings. Some are unique pieces such as a wax cylinder phonograph alarm-clock. The museum also has cylinder recordings of now disappeared celebrities' voices such as Thomas Alva Edison, Pope Leon the XIIIth.

How to Contact
Musée Edison du Phonographe
9812, avenue Royale
Quebec, G0A 3C0
Ph: 418-827-5957
Web: website
Email: send email