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Erico - Creative Chocolate Shop and Chocolate Museum

Erico - Creative Chocolate Shop and Museum in Quebec City. Hand made chocolates, ice cream, hot chocolates, cupcakes, cakes, brownies and more. Learn the history of chocolate in our small chocolate museum! Entrance is free.

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At Erico, pleasure is not limited to the tasting of exquisite chocolate. Not only does the boutique exhibit artistic creations made entirely of chocolate, but it is in itself a quaint museum of chocolate, illustrating its history from the time of the Mayan civilization to the present day. In this place, you are invited to discover a collection of items originating in �Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and Europe.

A window overlooking the kitchen allows anyone who is so inclined to observe the artisanal chocolate making process.

The museum is self guided and the admission is free.
A wide variety of chocolate products are available in the store: filled chocolates, chocolate bars, cookies, brownies, cakes, ice cream, hot chocolates and other sweet delights that are made onsite with utmost care to ensure quality and freshness.
Erico is located within walking distance from Old Quebec.

How to Contact
Erico - Creative Chocolate Shop and Chocolate Museum
634, rue Saint-Jean
Quebec, G1R 1P8
Ph: 418 524-2122
Web: website
Email: send email

Opening Hours
Regular opening hours
Monday to Wednesday and Saturday
10h30 to 6pm
10h30 to 9pm
11am to 6pm

Extended opening hours from May to September depending on the weather