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Elliot Lake

Elliot Lake is a small city in northeastern Ontario, Canada, located north of Lake Huron in the Algoma District, midway between the cities of Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie.

Situated on the Canadian Shield, Elliot Lake is surrounded by dense forest, muskeg swamps, numerous lakes, winding rivers, and hills of Precambrian bedrock. The local forests are mixed deciduous and coniferous, with colourful displays in the autumn.

Local wildlife include moose, white-tailed Deer, American Black Bear, beaver, loon, muskrat, otter, Canada Goose, and lynx, to name but a few. Fish species include lake trout, speckled trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, pickerel (walleye), and sturgeon.

Tourists have visited the Elliot Lake area for years to pursue their passion for outdoor adventure. With more than 4,000 surrounding lakes, the opportunities for fishing are endless. Teeming with fresh water trout and more than eight other fish species, the area offers an ideal place to land a tasty catch.

Relatively isolated, Elliot Lake is only connected to the south by Highway 108, a 30 km distance to the Trans-Canada Highway. Elliot Lake Municipal Airport has no regularly scheduled flights.


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Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre

The theatre within the Civic Centre holds 360 people comfortably and hosts events from various musical and other performing artists on tour, local community theatre, press conferences, public meetings and is available for rent by large groups and conventi

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(Art Workshops, Theatres, Workshops/Classes)
Gallery at the Centre

The Gallery at the Centre offers a wide range of stunning fine arts and crafts to view or purchase, all created by local artists and artisans. It includes media from stained glass to textiles, as well as a wide range of pottery, painting, and more.

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The Fire Tower Lookout and Heritage Centre

The Fire Tower Lookout is a replica of a fire ranger's lookout and provides a stunning 360ยบ panoramic view of the area, including the North Channel of Lake Huron and Manitoulin Island.

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Elliot Lake Nuclear & Mining Museum

Elliot Lake was once touted as the Uranium Capital of the World.

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