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Ottawa House By The Sea Museum

The Ottawa House By The Sea is now a community museum operated by the Parrsborough Shore Historical Society and exhibits over five hundred and eighty artifacts.

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The museum and staff are devoted to preserving and exhibiting the history of the house, the once important community of Partridge Island, the Parrsborough Shore and the community of Parrsboro.

The museum seeks to interpret the original native occupation, the Acadian contribution, the seafaring, lumbering and shipbuilding of the region, as well as the lives of the succession of owners of the house, including Sir Charles Tupper's life at the Ottawa House. In fact, it was Sir Charles who named his summer residence the Ottawa House By The Sea while negotiating the articles of Confederation.
The genealogy section houses over twelve hundred Parrsboro and area school registers along with numerous local family files.

How to Contact
Ottawa House By The Sea Museum
1155 Whitehall Road
Parrsboro, B0M 1S0
Ph: 1 902 254 2376
Web: website
Email: send email

Opening Hours
Daily: 10:00 - 6:00
24th of May weekend to mid September