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Canada Travel Guide - New Brunswick

Le Pays de la Sagouine

Explore her home village, a world created by Antonine Maillet. Meet an entire culture face to face in a place whose inhabitants speak a lively language rooted in the proud Acadian culture.

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(Music, Performing Arts, Theatres)
A nice walk across the footbridge will take you to l’Île-aux-Puces. You can then visit La T’chuisine des Mathilda, where you will learn to cook a variety of Acadian meals. A visit at the house of La Sagouine is essential as is a visit to the house of La Sainte where you’ll meet Les Chicaneuses who have many tales to tell. Continuing on, La Boucanerie will make you discover a variety of fishing trades and you can even taste smoked herring. Make your way to the Phare à Gapi, a place full of legends! Music lovers can learn to play a variety of instruments in La cabane des T’chuillères. Don’t forget to visit the artists working in the Apent des artisses. A stop at the Shack des clairvoyants can reveal many mysteries of the future if you’re brave enough to face the cards... And stop for a relaxing drink at our very own Bootleggeux while listening to monologues and music. The little ones can enjoy a visit at La Cabane à Sullivan where there is fun and games all day.

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