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Powell River Artists & fine Art Artisans

Travel guide to Artists & fine Art Artisans in Powell River, British Columbia.

Inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings British Columbia is home for many artists, writers, sculptors and painters, who produce handmade products, ceramic goods, art on canvas and some of the finest works in glass, fabric, paper, wood and metals. Find out more about their art and visions, visit their studios year round or go on a studio tour to buy a unique piece of art, as a gift for someone to take home or for yourself as a memory.

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Artique Artists Cooperative

Artique Artists Cooperative

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Malaspina Soap Factory Inc.

Invented in Mesopotamia Improved in the Renaissance Perfected in Powell River ************** Caring for your skin as much as it cares for you.

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Stephanie Norris

Space landscape Artist

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Wild Images, Evelyn Kirkaldy

Evelyn Kirkaldy's acrylic creations are layered in sensuous, intricate texture. A deep sense of the natural world is fundamental to her portrayals of vibrant mountain meadows, lively flower gardens, lush rainforests and charismatic wildlife.

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Salish Sea Silver Designs, Karin Birch

mixed metals jewelery designs

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Gloria Wick

Gloria Wick, Art, eh!

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