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Art for the Heart home or office. Specializing in creative challenges in the medium of wood, I create meaningful artistic gifts, sculptural decor art and luxurious furnishings for personal spaces.

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(Artists & fine Art Artisans, Furniture design art, Galleries/ Exhibits/Shows)
I design and create, original pieces of Art in the medium of wood, and have been doing so for some 35 plus years. The diversity of my work is broad, rarely would any 2 items I produce to be similar. I craft unique meaningful gift items in small batches such as, Whimsical Hearts, which is Art that is gifted for any occasion. Each Heart is as individual as the person who receives it! I also create uniquely different sculptural tree carvings in both wood or in wire which will enhance home or office decor. And finally, I design and hand make artistic furnishings for the home or office. These furnishings are luxurious in design & comfort and a treat for the eyes when viewed. Each piece I craft is done in an Eco-friendly manner in consideration of our shared environment.
Art for the Heart, Home or Office. This is an example of the personalized artistic pieces that I make in small batches. These Hearts are purchased by clients to be given as a gift, the significance of gifting a Heart is so meaningful. These handmade art pieces are made from reclaimed west coast Maple. My web presence usually has a good selection available.
Hand carved from a single block of wood. These sculptures pay homage to the silent sentinels of our yards, streets, cities, countries & planet. Trees contribute immensely to our existence, from building a biosphere in & around themselves, to cleaning our air, to supplying us with food, medicine, shelter, heat, light, shade and much more.‚Äč Trees are ubiquitous things, that are constantly overlooked by us. My representations of trees, express the beauty of the wood they produce, both literally and artistically! To see more of these visit my web presence.
"Flow" - Its as if water flowed over this panel gently carving them out. Hand carved wall panels - Home decor art made in various sizes.
Now that's a Chair - One can "tap out" on your work day from this chair. Made with "torsion box" construction overlaid with hand sliced "spalted/wormy Birch (locally grown/an harvested), with Walnut inlay. The sliced Birch was laid up randomly for effect and finished with a hand rubbed oil finish. The seating area within the chair is covered with "Piebald" Icelandic long haired sheep skins (with 6-8 inch long hair). The provenance of the skins is from Iceland, but tanned in the EU. This chair is both luxurious and very comfy!

How to Contact, Robert Waddell
3603 Hammond Bay Rd
Nanaimo, V9T 1E8
Ph: 250-618-2899
Web: website
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Opening Hours
Please email or call for a mutually agreeable time for you to visit my studio.