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Discovery Marine Safaris LTD.

Come join us on one of our whale watching or grizzly bear viewing tours along the Discovery- and Inside Passages of the East coast of Vancouver Island

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If you are up for a true Canadian outdoor adventure to explore our fantastic local wildlife....this is the right tour for you. We offer 3.5 and 7 hour tours all with the goal to show you wildlife like eagles, dolphins, seals, sea lions, porpoise, killer whales, humpback whales and amazing ocean birds. Along with the wildlife you are about to see some breathtaking will never forget. Our passionate staff will share their knowledge with you!
Our high speed vessels are spacious, safe and Transport Canada inspected and approved. You will be able to easily take photos of humpback whales, orcas, and other marine life while walking around the boat. The enclosed cabin (which is heated) keeps you out of wind and ensures a comfortable experience at any weather. And yes, we certainly have a washroom on board! It is all about comfort and safety!!!
Have you ever seen a whale as big as a school bus? We have seeen humpback whales on every single trip. These amazing giants moved back into our area in recent years and quickly became the highlights of our trips.
The Grizzly Expedition starts with a 1.5 hour (approximately) boat ride to the main land � our Grizzly bear destination. On arrival, we disembark to a warm welcome by a First Nation guide. You are transported by minibus to the various viewing platforms where you will observe amazing Grizzly bears foraging, and fishing for salmon in the rivers and streams. This area has the perfect conditions for the bears to hunt for food as they prepare for hibernation.
We conveniently depart right from down town Campbell River - across our "famous" Fishing Pier/Aquarium. Our boat tour goes along well protected inside channels and passages; the reason why our guests do not have to worry about getting seasick.

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Discovery Marine Safaris LTD.
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Campbell River, V9W 2C2
Ph: 1-866-501-ORCA (6722)
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Opening Hours
Tours daily with multiple departures.