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Bella Coola Cabin - John's Perch, Bob Anderson

John's Perch - Cabin & Loft Apt. This mountain cabin is fully equipped and "perched" on the edge of a plateau overlooking the Nusatsum valley, Bella Coola Valley, Saloompt Peak AND the Thunder Mountain range. You have 75 acres of forest to relax in. Town

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John's cabin is perched on the edge of a high level area overlooking the entire Nusatsum valley and also the west end of the Bella Coola River Valley and parts of the Thunder Mountain drainage area. The view is simply magnificent and can easily be seen as through the eyes of an eagle soaring above the mountains. You are surrounded by mountain tops, flocks of birds, including bald eagles (which are native to the area), grizzly bears, black bears and other native animals, trees, shrubs, flowers, mushrooms, all of varied and bewildering species, cascading mountain streams – the wildness of life itself!
comes with full kitchen, washing machine and nature's dryer (clothesline), storage area, bathroom and shower, loft bedroom (double) with dressers, dining area and living area - surrounded by cathedral windows for ultimate viewing. There is a pull out cot in the upstairs bedroom and downstairs the futon couch folds out for twin sleeping. For cool nights, the CSA approved woodstove offers heat when needed, firewood is handy, cut and stored, under cover by the loft. The deck off of the living room looks out onto the Nusatsum Valley.
is a one room apartment (520ft2) with a queensize bed, kitchen and dining area, living area with two balconies. When the nights get cool, the woodstove can be fired up for the evening - cut and stored wood is right underneath the loft! The couch is an awesome place to sleep - really - ask Bob! There is also an extra cot for sleeping if you want to pass on the couch. The 'loo' is outside (for now - 2013 there will be a bathroom and shower inside), but for this year, we have built an amazing outside double composting bathroom with windows for viewing (ahem) and for the adventurous types, an outside solar heated bag shower! The bathroom and laundry facilities will be available to you (in the cabin) if you have rented both of the accomodations with family or friends...
The mountain peak behind is 'Salloompt Peak' and is accessible by trail for those NOT faint of heart.
There is a map to show you the trails on the 75 acre property. It will also show you the trails on the adjoining crown land. You are free to explore the property and the crown land beyond the trails, but please be aware of bear and cougar rules. Bear spray is a must. Please purchase some at the store in Hagensborg. Talk A LOT when you are on the trail (there's lots to talk about anyway). Be aware of where the wind blows. If you are downwind, be extra diligent. If upwind, still be diligent :-)

The property is completely self sufficient. Hot water is provided by propane as is the stove/oven. Electricity is from the hydro-electric system.

No human touches the water before it reaches you. It is glacier fed from the Thunder Mountain Ranges and from Salloompt Mountain. One stream feeds the microhydro-electric system and the other stream comes directly to the cabin and to the loft. Dip your cup directly in the streams. There is no need for filters here. The water is fantastic and yes - water really does taste like something.

Bella Coola Valley water has been called by some as the 'best water in the world'.

There is no internet access at the cabin. But there IS cell phone service, so please bring your SMARTPHONES, etc.


Late spring and summer is the best time to see bears on the property - they will be feeding on the fresh grasses, clover and into the summer, the wild raspberries and huckleberries. Later in the summer you will not see them as often as they will be in the larger rivers catching salmon (but they will still come back to sleep at night, so continue to be bear aware). Please be extra careful around the local rivers at that time of year.

How to Contact
Bella Coola Cabin - John's Perch, Bob Anderson
Salloompt Rd
Hagensborg, V0T 1H0
Ph: 250-957-8440
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Opening Hours
Book through here or the website and we will contact you with availability. From there payment is by email transfer, paypal or cheque.
We will give you directions via email. A very remote and special place!