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Canada House Gallery, Barbara Pelham

commercial art galleries, collection focuses on contemporary paintings, sculpture and jewellery by renowned and respected Canadian artistscollection focuses on contemporary paintings, sculpture and jewellery by renowned and respected Canadian artists

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Dynamic Demo Day
in conjunction with Banff Culture Walk
Artists reveal their creative process during this annual tradition of Dynamic Demo Day. Watch 6 artists at work, painting and stitching. Join Richard Cole, Sylvia Naylor, Elka Nowicka, Glenn Payan, and Mike Svob on this outrageously fun day. Rachel Mielke, from Hillberg & Berk will create gorgeous jewellery in the gallery as well. The public is welcome to watch these artists work and talk to them about their inspirations and techniques.
Please join us for the opening on Saturday, August 7
10 am - 4 pm
Saturday Sept 11 - Forest Edges, Bev Rodin

Catherine Beverly Rodin is an internationally collected Canadian artist known for her accomplished, contemporary and distinctive paintings of light and atmosphere interpreted both on large-scale canvases and in watercolour. A Banff Centre Alumni, Rodin is inspired by the modern landscape tradition of Gerhardt Richter, Walter J Phillips, Peter London, John Dewey and Rudolf Steiner. Richter's works attract her for their large scale, as well as the successful combination of authenticity and layered abstracted over-painting. Currently Rodin's work also explores backlighting effects in various subjects including the forest light series, gardens, peonies, orchids, figurative work and interiors.

Join us for an additional reception in conjunction with Alberta Arts Days to celebrate this collection on Saturday Sept 18 1-3 pm.
Saturday Sept 25 - West Coast Cravings, Nikol Haskova & Nicola Prinsen

Heralding talent from the West Coast, Canada House Gallery is thrilled to bring two talents to the gallery for an exhibition titled West Coast Cravings.

Nikol Haskova escaped the formerly oppressed Czechoslovakia with her family in 1987 with the intent of immigrating to Canada. After a long and trying process, they finally resettled in Vancouver. Surrounded by the Old Master's work in museums in Prague and surviving the dramatic journey to Canada had an incredible impact on Nikol. Although this experience was often challenging, it provided in depth observation not only of the art world, but also of politics, spirituality and the strength of the human spirit, inspirations that continue to affect her paintings today.

Nicola Prinsen's whimsical bronze sculptures are based on her surroundings, forests, rural agriculture, the ocean and the animals that live on the West Coast. From otters to cows, crows to goats, in clay or wax and ultimately bronze, Nicola explores the forms of these animals and undertakes a process of refinement by way of detailed studies. Pushing the boundaries with these forms through distortion and exaggeration are part of Nicola's creative process. The end result is a fusion of personality and simplicity.
Saturday Oct 15 - New Work, Les Thomas

Pushing boundaries and perception of classic wildlife painting, Les Thomas is renowned for his targeted compositions. He works in scales ranging from 1 x 1 foot to 6 x 6 feet blending waxes with his paint. The edgy portrayal of classic subjects like animals, still life scenes and figurative compositions are fused with a contemporary aesthetic
Saturday Nov 13 - BANFF 2010 Works on Paper, Alex Janvier

Celebrating Alex Janvier's 75th year, Canada House is honoured to have this distinguished artist return for a solo exhibition. Completing a 6 week residency in Feb 2010, Janvier's trademark lyrical, flowing compositions grace handmade papers created in Banff. A member of the Royal Canadian Academy, the Order of Canada, 2008 recipient of the Governor General's Award for Visual Arts, and recent recipient of the Alberta Order of Excellence Janvier is recognized nation-wide as a visual arts icon.

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